Package design and review …

Your Life Story CD is presented and stored in an impressive and tastefully designed image box with a four-page folio and a CD holder.

Using your new portrait photograph, plus up to 4 of your own photographs and your written notes, we custom-design the outside of the image box, the inside cover, the CD label and the 4-page folio.

The outside of the box measures 7.5 inches square, is 2.5 inches deep, and has a closure tab. The inside of the box measures 6.5 inches square and includes an inside-cover photograph and a riser with a CD holder.

The CD label is designed to mirror the design of the front cover of the image box.

The custom-designed 4-page folio, measuring 6 inches square,

is printed on high-quality paper.

You will review and approve a paper or PDF proof of the package design before the package is produced.

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