Interview …

Before our interviewer arrives, please ensure your recording location is ready and as quiet as possible. Interviews are best if there is no one present except you and our interviewer.

Our interviewer arrives at the scheduled time and sets up the recording equipment. This includes clipping a lapel microphone to your clothing.

Please have a glass of water ready. A dry throat can strike at any time!

Once both parties have settled in, the first 60-minute interview begins.

The goal of the interview is to get you to tell your life story through a friendly and relaxed conversation that will bring out your best memories and reflections.

Our sensitive and tactful interviewer will ask brief questions that elicit more than “yes” or “no” answers. Questions starting with “why,” “how,” “where,” or “what kind of …” really get the conversation flowing.

A 15-minute intermission is time to stretch and refresh.

During the intermission, our interviewer will . . .

• take your portrait photograph

• review your written notes and 5 to 10 photographs to be
   considered for the project image box and folio design

• discuss design options for the project image box and folio

  1. receive your payment for the balance of the project fee and give you a receipt

The second 60-minute interview takes place.

When the interview ends, our interviewer dismantles the audio equipment and leaves.

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