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Robyn Harris


Your Life Story

“In my previous career as a fundraiser and director with charitable organizations, I encountered many people from all walks of life with very interesting stories to tell. In 2013, I decided to go into the business of helping people capture their stories as ‘audio time capsules’ — personalized recordings that preserve their experiences for posterity. It’s very fulfilling work.

“Our team has a wide range of suitable skills developed from varied backgrounds, including anthropology, journalism, sound engineering, graphic design and project management. We are a very creative bunch!”

Eric Harris

Creative Director

Your Life Story

“I am fascinated by people who tell stories about their experiences in life, and I have learned that most people enjoy the opportunity to tell their tale.

“I have been collecting people’s stories since my first job, as a music reporter at The Montreal Star newspaper, interviewing musicians, reviewing concerts and absorbing everything about sound production. A degree in sociology and anthropology further stimulated my interest in people and how they live. My 30-year career as an editor with Canadian Geographic magazine introduced me to countless individuals with engaging stories to tell about themselves and their lifelong pursuits. My audio engineering expertise and my substantial editorial experience make me your best partner to produce your life story.”

Your Life Story is based in North Dundas, Ont., halfway between Ottawa and Brockville in Eastern Ontario.